The Bridge Hotel in Richmond has undergone a impressive redevelopment designed by Melbourne architectural group Techne.

The conceptual approach to the Bridge Hotel was to take the existing venue, characterised by its dark and enclosed spaces, and to physically carve a laneway through the building to bring in natural light and openness. Designed to minimise structural change and material wastage, a richly detailed and decorated laneway has been cut through the centre of the building. The remaining volume, bisected into two new internal facades, is further broken down into a series of differentiated ‘tenancies’, including bar spaces, a bistro and wintergarden, loading dock and stairs to first floor spaces that were imagined as apartments or studios that all interact with the central laneway.

Spatially, both the interior and the lane are intentionally a progression of intimate volumes and restricted circulation spaces. This fosters a sense of discovery as the interior reveals itself gradually. A layering of recycled and re-used materials builds a sense of urban charm, and extensive collections of found objects and installation art, which borrow further from the city’s intricate street culture. The resulting venue could be viewed as a uniquely whimsical addition to the ongoing evolution of pubs in Melbourne. 

Make sure you call into the Bridge Hotel in Richmond to view the space for yourself and enjoy a beer and meal while you are there.

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