Gallery Funaki, a Melbourne jewellery gallery and store, is currently undergoing a refurbishment, and will relaunch with a new exhibition “New Edition" featuring the works of Australian and international bespoke jewellers.

New Edition is a curated group exhibition by Gallery Funaki Director, Katie Scott, which explores the wide space between the hand made and the mass manufactured. Jewellers include David Bielander, Gijs Bakker, Jiro Kamata, Lousje Skala, Lucy Sarneel, Manon van Kouswijk, Marc Monzo, Nel Linssen, Renee Bevan, Ribbonesia, and Thanh-Truc Nguyen.

New Edition heralds a new era for Gallery Funaki, with the Gallery recently undergoing a refurbishment by Architect Kate Abernethy. The new design maintains the elegance & simplicity of the original design, whilst providing a fresh & adaptable gallery space for the presentation of the constantly evolving international contemporary jewellery movement.

For further information visit:

Gallery Funaki will re-open on Monday 22nd April at 6pm with the new group exhibition. The gallery is located at 4 Crossley Street, Melbourne, make sure you get along!

Posted by Brent Nolan Blunt Agency


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