HEATHER DINAS Once you held me so close [2011] archival pigment ink on cotton rag 76 x 106cm [edition of 5] SIMON LLOYD MATTHEW DE MOISER KATE BRISCOE MANDY GUNN KATE HENDRY SARA FREEMAN EWEN ROSS MICHELANGELO RUSSO

The freshly launched Season 2 of the AT_SALON2 program is on the heels of the very successful inaugural showcase at ANITA TRAVERSO GALLERY. This next season promises to be a continuation of the diversity and quality of unique artworks on offer.

Season 2 of AT_SALONis now on until 19 July 2014 at ANITA TRAVERSO GALLERY, 7 Albert Street, Richmond.

Melbourne’s Gallery Funaki is currently showing Japanese artist and musician Yutaka Minegishi first solo exhibition in Australia, until October 5. 

Minegishi trained first in Tokyo, then in Munich, and has lived in Germany for the last 20 years.  His remarkable rings are carved from recycled materials, including ivory from a woolly mammoth tusk and rare, dense timbers such as ebony, pink ivory (traditionally the royal wood of the Zulus) and lignum vitae (national tree of the Bahamas).  

For further information visit galleryfunaki.com.au

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Gallery Funaki, a Melbourne jewellery gallery and store, is currently undergoing a refurbishment, and will relaunch with a new exhibition “New Edition" featuring the works of Australian and international bespoke jewellers.

New Edition is a curated group exhibition by Gallery Funaki Director, Katie Scott, which explores the wide space between the hand made and the mass manufactured. Jewellers include David Bielander, Gijs Bakker, Jiro Kamata, Lousje Skala, Lucy Sarneel, Manon van Kouswijk, Marc Monzo, Nel Linssen, Renee Bevan, Ribbonesia, and Thanh-Truc Nguyen.

New Edition heralds a new era for Gallery Funaki, with the Gallery recently undergoing a refurbishment by Architect Kate Abernethy. The new design maintains the elegance & simplicity of the original design, whilst providing a fresh & adaptable gallery space for the presentation of the constantly evolving international contemporary jewellery movement.

For further information visit:

Gallery Funaki will re-open on Monday 22nd April at 6pm with the new group exhibition. The gallery is located at 4 Crossley Street, Melbourne, make sure you get along!

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Michael Young. Link wall 2011. die cast aluminum Michael Young. Link wall 2011. die cast aluminum Michael Young. Link wall 2011. die cast aluminum Michael Young. Hex chair  2011. polished silver, die cast aluminium

Opening on Thursday 6th December at Ausin Tung Gallery, 164 High Street Prahran is an exhibition of exclusive, limited-edition functional interior design pieces by the world renowned British-born and Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young. The exhibition will run until the 22nd December 2012.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see pieces as diverse as sophisticated highly polished cast aluminum chairs, transformed newspaper based furniture and a marble grave. 

Michael sees the work not as Design but as Industrial Art where some of the highest levels of manufacturing have been employed. His decision to centre his practice in China and the integration of the sophisticated manufacturing techniques available there have resulted works that are not only consumer products but works collected by galleries and institutes around the world.

For further information visit acaf.org.au

We love that fashion label Saxony blend art and fashion for unique in-store exhibitions. If you are near Saxony’s QV store tonight (15th November) make sure you call in for opening drinks and to see the work of photographer Teru Kuwayama. The exhibition opens at 6:30.

About the Exhibition
Since Alexander the Great, invading armies and peaceful migrations have brought in diverse peoples to this Central Asian crossroads. As a result, Afghanistan is a country of ethnic minorities. The current conflict began in October 2001 and has seen more than 40 nations engaged in a coalition now focused on nation building and democratisation.

Teru Kuwayama is a photographer from New York.  In this exhibition he shares with us images photographed over a decade of travel in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kashmir.  The photographs reflect the spiral in chaos across disputed borders, and people who have endured cycles of warfare, disaster, and the chronic amnesia of the outside world. 

For further information about the artist visit Saxony’s Exhibition Page.

The beautiful artwork and jewellery of Krista McRae is currently on exhibition at the Pieces of Eight Gallery at 28 Russell Place, Melbourne. Called ‘Many Facets’ the exhibition comprises of an art installation and a smaller, more intimate space featuring her lovely gold rings, earrings and necklaces set with fine gems and diamonds as featured above.

The exhibition runs until June 23 so make sure you get along to the gallery before it ends.